Are you starting a new business and want to start your own business or introduce a new business activity? Do you want to (know) everything about the most favorable and fastest solutions for closing the financial construction of your project? Do you want to realistically look at all aspects and profitability of your business idea and the quality of your entrepreneurial venture? Do you hesitate about the form of the company - should you register a d.o.o., j.d.o.o., trade or something fourth? Do you enter the VAT system or not? You do not know where to start and what you need to register a company and how long does this process take? How to choose and reserve a company name, which activities to register and how, how to determine the amount of share capital, how to resolve the visual identity of the company and how to avoid potential errors in steps that are often very often expensive to correct? Business consulting is our very useful service, which will make it much easier for you to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Taught by rich experience, we can point out to you in time some important details that need additional attention, so that your business shines in the best possible light from the very beginning. We also call business consulting inbound consultations (when the client is with us for the first time), which in addition to specific advice and instructions serve the client to get to know each other, clarify the business idea and its design and create a base for the next service (eg Business Plan, Investment Studies , preparation / implementation of an EU project, representation before credit institutions, turnkey, etc.).

Given that a live meeting is still the best channel of communication, the direction of future action in order to realize a business idea can be defined only by a detailed insight into it. Business counseling is usually held in our office, but by agreement it can also be held in the field (in your area). Given the reservations received in advance, the reservation of the desired date must be arranged at least 2-3 days in advance. Consultations usually last about an hour (and longer if necessary). If you decide to book an appointment for a consultation, we suggest that you prepare all the questions that interest you in advance, and if you forget something after the meeting, we remain at your disposal (by phone, e-mail or for a new meeting). The consultations go through your specific business idea in detail and give specific guidelines on what, how and when to do and in order to achieve the set business goal.

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