A business plan is a written document that very clearly describes an entrepreneurial idea and its effects, as well as the means, resources and methods needed to realize that idea. The business plan provides basic information about the investor, his financial position and the expected changes in the financial position of the investor after the investment and shows the efficiency of the investment through the possibility of return on investment and earnings. The business plan defines the objectives and value of the investment, sources of financing and projections of future cash flows and business results in a given period.

Creating a Business Plan starts with a business idea. Defining a goal is both a starting point for writing it and an end answer that must be clear to anyone who reads it. A business plan serves not only those who start a business or improve an existing one, but is most often a source on the basis of which external associates and sources of funding assess the risks and cost-effectiveness of their own engagement. These are primarily banks that participate in financing, but also other investors, business partners or suppliers.

A business plan is a document that develops an entrepreneurial business idea, assesses the business of the company in the future; which describes what is intended to be done, where, how, when and with what expected business results. Through the Business Plan, investments in business are fully and in detail explained, various business variants and their business efficiency are evaluated, and business risk is assessed.

Business plans are made for both start-ups and "mature" companies that want to invest in a new project, business development and growth. In new companies, the business plan assesses whether the company has business opportunities and data on future operations are assessed on the basis of detailed analyzes of the market, products / services and competition. In the case of existing companies, data on previous operations are entered into the economic and financial budget, and on this basis, development trends are assessed for new investments as well.

The business plan is recommended to all those who are engaged or are planning to engage in any form of entrepreneurship. Without a clear Business Plan, business goals usually remain just desires.