A marketing plan is a derivation of a Business Plan, with an emphasis on product or service, price, promotion, and distribution. The basis for making a Marketing Plan is a detailed analysis of the market (with an emphasis on the sales market) and location, regardless of which sector we will operate in and what we will deal with, and with what company and tax treatment. The starting point for its development or the basis for elaboration can be found in the Business Plan, of course if it is made according to standard and accepted methodology, and its areas to which we will refer are market analysis and locations.

Through the Marketing Plan, we will define the target groups, ie to whom we will sell our (future) products and / or services, but also through which channels we will reach them and communicate with them. If we know who we are addressing in presenting what we plan to offer to the market (our products / services), we will find it easier to determine the channels through which we will reach these target groups. The locational aspects of the project are usually considered from its micro, meso and macro level, and each of them is processed separately in order to make a conclusion about the quality of a particular location. The level of the site (microlocation, mesolocation and macrolocation) and its importance for a particular project, varies depending on several different factors.

Development of Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)

These studies usually take into account several alternatives for achieving the project objectives. One alternative is to proceed without change, which provides a basis for comparison. Costs and benefits are compared to make a decision about the future course of a project.

Business development support

This service encompasses a range of tasks and processes, generally with the goal of developing and implementing the growth opportunities of the company that hires us for the job. It refers to the field of business theory, trade and organizational structures. Business development is the creation of long-term value for the company, its employees, customers, suppliers, the markets in which it operates and the relationships between all these elements.

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