Financial analysis with financial consulting is a service intended primarily for active companies. Qualitative analysis of financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash / financial flow, receipts and expenditures, etc.), provides a static and dynamic approach to assessing past operations and profitability of certain investments and creates a basis for financial planning of future business. This is an extremely important issue because finance is the "bloodstream" of the company and its liquidity, indebtedness, economy and profitability are indicators that are essential for the company's management to make quality financial and other business decisions.

Financial analysis usually takes into account the last two business periods and compares the revenue side of the latter with the revenue side of the penultimate period; equally the expenditure side; individual items within the assets and liabilities of the balance sheet of the company; within cash flow, etc., and based on the obtained indicators (especially those that are unsatisfactory or have a negative sign), we go deeper and more specifically into the business events that led to this situation. Therefore, it is up to you to submit your financial statements and it is up to us to complete the financial indicators obtained by their analysis with other aspects of your business and provide you with a concrete solution and advice on how to improve and raise your business to a higher level. and development.

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